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Thompson Tractor Company’s mission is to create value for customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers. Our core values are centered around family and community, high performance culture, integrity, mutual trust and respect, open and honest communication, and safety.

By providing for our employees’ needs, protecting and preserving our environment, and investing in the neighborhoods where we do business, we value family and community. By valuing high performers who work together to continuously and responsibly deliver results and create great customer experiences we foster a high performance culture. By relying on sound moral principles, counting on each other to tell the truth and keeping our promises, we value integrity as a foundation of our business By relying on character, strength and truth, we value truth and respect in our relationships. By having a work environment where employees feel comfortable both giving and receiving candid feedback, we value open and honest communication. By being aware that our employees are our most important resource, we value safety as a mindset and culture in all things we do.

We hold ourselves ourselves to a group of critical success factors. We must clearly understand what customers value, and deliver products and services that increase their satisfaction and loyalty. We must have a corporate culture that ensures high levels of individual and group performance and engagements. We must continually identify and adopt the most efficient methods, processes and procedures and measure our performance. We must capture profitable new growth opportunities. We must embrace an ongoing strategic process. Finally, we must develop and sustain excellent mutually beneficial relationships with all suppliers.

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