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A Closer Look at our Marine Division

Contact Thompson Power Systems Marine today at (251) 626-5100 or email us at marinedivision@thompsontractor.com.

Thompson’s marine division is truly one of the most unique sectors of our business. The Mobile based group is composed of an experienced staff of marine engineers, technicians, and maritime professionals who specialize in developing customized marine power solutions for our customers. The Marine sales team consists of: Richard Tremayne, Business Manager; Todd Robinson, Project Manager; David Brieler, Project Manager; Shane Nolen, Sales Engineer; Shawn Lauer, Engineer; Ben Seales, PSSR; and Erica Perkins, Dispatcher. We also have the most highly skilled group of technicians and supervisors in the industry. This group consists of: TJ Nelson, Mike Davis, Jammie Haynes, Eric Blackmon, Phillip Brown, Dewayne Wheeler, Michael Thompson, Eli Stanton, Ted Shores, Bobby Rieben, Baron Breland, Chris Mixon, Randy Hunt, and David Shiver.

The marine industry is extremely diversified and no two jobs are ever the same. While we sell and service pleasure craft engines, our primary business is focused around commercial vessels. We sell a wide range of Caterpillar engines that greatly vary in size and horsepower. We are a total solutions provider and perform service on any engine make or model. Our customers are primarily based in the Gulf Coast area but our reach expands to Texas, New York, Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and even as far as West Africa. Thompson Power Systems is a brand that represents excellence worldwide. From the most sophisticated oil patch support vessels, to tugs of all varieties, dredges, passenger vessels, fishing boats, and pleasure craft, if our shipyard partners built it, we power it.

Thompson is especially known for our expertise in custom packaging. When we sell an engine to a shipyard, we take care of all of the engineering calculations and the actual fitting of the product into the vessel. We begin with consulting and design and work with the customer to choose the appropriate engine for their unique application. Once the proper mechanical specifications have been met, we provide everything that goes along with the engines. The total package includes items such as transmissions, hoses, pipes, couplings, gears, electrical wiring and hookups, even down to the skids and brackets which hold the equipment into place. Our engineers and project managers integrate the boat’s electronic controls, starting air, cooling water, and fuel delivery systems with the new equipment to maximize performance. Thompson Power Systems also load bank testing, dock trials, and final commissioning sea trials.

Our customers are never in the same place for very long, so it is important that we are able to deliver the parts and services they need at a moment’s notice. Routine maintenance is scheduled while the ships are dry docked, but our technicians often board a boat for a week or more and travel with the crew when mechanical failures occur. Our techs have a truly complex skill set and a seasoned set of sea legs. Working conditions are often cramped and engine rooms can reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees.

Our marine business is affected by the local and national economy. The prices of oil, steel, coal, and natural gas play a large role in the activity in the region. Both inland river and Gulf Coast business is on the rise in our area. Service opportunities continue to grow as we work with Caterpillar to overcome the challenges of implementing a worldwide preventative maintenance program.

Thompson’s Marine division is constantly growing and evolving. We want to be our customers’ business partner and help them achieve maximum performance and profitability. If you would like more information about this unique division, contact any member of the Marine team today.

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