Today the demand for reliable power is greater than ever before. Even the slightest disturbance can threaten the integrity of entire power systems. If an outage occurs, irreplaceable data could be lost, money lost – even lives lost. Now, with CAT switchgear, your ability to reliably provide and manage power to your facility is assured.

Available in three standard configurations, CAT switchgear can accomodate a variety of power configurations including prime power, emergency standby, paralleling and load-shaving applications. Custom configuration is also available to meet specific needs.


  • Redundant (N+1 Power)
  • Load Shed/Buss Optimized
  • Parallels multiple Generators to meet power requirements
  • Increases Reliability
  • 480V – 15kV
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface Panel

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CAT generator switchgear

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