Optimal Power - Industry-leading power ranges, along with tested, application-specific products ensure you have the optimal power needed to do your job.

Wide Operating Speed Range (WOSR) - You'll get maximum power and productivity while operating over a diverse range of loads and speeds. Unladed vessels can travel faster due to the reserve power, and the power curve compensates for hull fouling and propeller wear to deliver peak performance - competitive advantages.

Comprehensive Solutions - Whether newbuild or repower, our array of mechanical propulsion, diesel electric propulsion (DEP), auxiliary, and power generation solutions will deliver.

Global Dealer Network - Our convenient global dealer network not only makes CAT and MaK engines easy to own, but also provides genuine CAT and MaK parts and worldwide support.

Low Owning and Operating Costs with Maximum Uptime - Long-term durability, high fuel efficiency, simplified service, and long-life-to-overhaul - maximum productivity with minimum outlay.


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