Thompson Power Systems has the expertise to assist you in establishing and maintaining your microgrid. 

From solar panels to energy storage to remote monitoring, we have the power of Caterpillar microgrid products with the expertise of Thompson Power Systems engineers and field technicians to assist you in developing the most practical and efficient microgrid for your needs.


What is a Microgrid?

A Microgrid is a localized grid with its own power generation resources, its own loads, and definable boundaries.It acts as a single controllable entity with key features such as localized power, defined boundaries, and single control installation. A Microgrid can also either operate independently of the utility or can work in conjunction with a utility.



What are the benefits of a microgrid?

There are many benefits to a microgrid system. A microgrid can offer increased system resiliency through the combination of multiple energy sources to provide redundancy in the event that one source is not available.  A microgrid can provide power to remote locations.  A microgrid can provide power from a simple system like a diesel generator set to a hybrid system consisting of solar, energy storage, and a back-up generator set.  A microgrid can also be designed to provide energy from the most cost-effective power source.


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