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Thompson Power Systems has a large variety of used industrial and commercial generator sets to choose from. We have a full range of both gas and diesel used generators. All of our equipment is serviced and inspected by our certified Cat® technicians, so you can trust all of our used equipment to have the toughness and durability to withstand the most demanding applications.

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Used Industrial Power Systems for Sale

We offer a wide variety of Cat generator sets designed to meet the needs of industrial facilities and operations. Whether you’re looking for backup power sources in case of an outage in your factory or you simply want a reliable prime power source for your new plant, Thompson Power Systems has your needs covered.

For industrial applications, we offer the following types of generators:

  • Diesel generator sets: We provide our customers with several types of used diesel generator sets, all in excellent working condition and able to take on virtually any industrial power requirement.
  • Gas generator sets: We offer used gas generator sets that provide powerful electrical output with single-phase and three-phase options.
  • Mobile generator sets: Other used generators we offer include portable varieties, which are designed as convenient, standby power sources that serve well in numerous situations.
  • Microgrids: Our used microgrids provide customers in the industrial sector with a clean, energy-efficient means of power generation.
  • Switchgear and other electrical power generation components: We also offer used switchgear, parallel controls, ATC breakers, and more for industrial applications.

Used Commercial Power Systems for Sale

Our used commercial power systems are tested at our facilities and guaranteed to be in great condition when you purchase them. Why spend more than necessary on commercial power equipment and accessories? Power your business operations with our selection of state-of-the-art used generators, switchgear, microgrids, and other equipment.

Choose from the following used item categories that are compatible with commercial facilities and work sites:

  • Microgrids: Microgrids can also be used for commercial operations. We offer a variety of used microgrids to make your business more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Gas generator sets: We offer used gas generators designed to accommodate the needs of commercial establishments. Various standby and prime power source options are available.
  • Diesel generator sets: Used diesel generators and generator sets can serve as economical backup and prime power sources for commercial settings, and we offer a wide range of accessories to extend their capabilities.
  • Switchgear, parallel controls, and other components: Our switchgear, parallel controls, ATC/ATS breakers, and other essential smaller power system components are available for commercial buyers looking for used Cat equipment.
  • Mobile generator sets: We also offer used mobile generators and generator sets that offer maximum convenience and mobility for unconventional power needs or powering remote work sites.

Used Gensets for Sale

Thompson Power Systems specializes in connecting commercial and industrial customers alike with the right power systems for their business’s individual needs. We offer used generator sets for sale that provide buildings with consistent, reliable backup power and even primary power.

Our used generator sets include diesel generators, gas generators, mobile generators, and incredibly versatile Cat Olympian™ generators. If you have any questions about which generator types are most suitable for your facility’s power requirements or how to integrate your used generator set into your existing systems, expert help is right around the corner.

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For over 65 years, we’ve been providing customers across Alabama and North Florida with high-quality used Cat power generation equipment. For more information on our used equipment, fill out the form below and one of our Thompson Power Systems representatives will be with you soon..

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