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Gas Generator Rentals in AL & FL

Thompson Power Systems has high-quality Cat® generators for rent in Alabama and northwest Florida. Browse our available units and contact us if you need help finding the right solution for your operations.

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Types of Gas-Powered Generator Sets

A gas-powered generator contains an internal combustion engine. It harnesses mechanical energy to produce a current. Thompson Power Systems carries multiple types of gas-powered generators for rent, including:

Natural Gas

These generators draw natural gas or propane from a direct line or tank to create clean fossil fuel for electricity.

The generator uses a spark plug to ignite the fuel, driving a crankshaft. This process spins the generator’s rotor and creates an electrical current to power appliances and charge batteries. It may even power large equipment, depending on the generator’s size.

Natural gas-powered generators have several benefits, including:

  • Affordability: Natural gas generators tend to have lower upfront and operating fees than other generators, making them a cost-effective investment for your business.
  • Minimal noise: Natural gas generators are typically quieter than their diesel-powered cousins, so they’re ideal for environments with noise restrictions or ordinances.
  • Low emissions: Natural gas emits fewer toxins into the environment than other fuels.

We offer plenty of natural gas generator rental options at Thompson Power Systems.


Rent the portable generator  you need to keep operations moving.

Portable Gas Generator Rentals

We also have an extensive line of portable gas generator units for rent at Thompson Power Systems. Mobile generator sets are ideal for temporary power requirements. They provide easy installation and transportation so you can seamlessly use them at different sites as needed.

Our portable generators are towable, meaning you can hitch them to the back of a vehicle. Towable generators have a fully integrated power system, unlike standard compact portable generators. They combine simple transportation with the power abilities of a large standby unit.

That’s why they can accommodate various industrial settings, including:

  • Mines
  • Construction sites
  • Military bases
  • Outdoor performance venues

Wherever you require stable electricity, a towable generator is ready to follow behind your vehicle. Are you thinking of renting a portable gas generator for your short-term projects and power applications? Our team at Thompson Power Systems is ready to help you find the right unit.

Applications for Gas Generators

Gas-powered generators fulfill applications across several industries. Here are some standard uses for industrial gas generators:

  • Remote location work: Whether mines, construction sites, or farms, various operations can use portable gas generators in work settings far from other electrical power sources.
  • Emergency outages: Unplanned power outages can occur for numerous reasons, such as severe weather conditions or grid overload. A gas generator lets you continue normal operations during emergencies until the main power source is back in commission.
  • Scheduled maintenance: Besides unexpected downtime, generators also come in handy during planned power system maintenance. You can keep your operations productive and efficient despite these repairs.
  • Outdoor events: Gas generators can also serve recreational purposes, including running equipment for outdoor events, such as speakers, carnival rides, appliances, and lights.

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Thompson Power Systems is proud to be your one-stop shop for industrial gas generator rentals. To rent a gas-powered generator or learn more about our available products, contact us online or call 205-858-5869 today!


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