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Planning ahead can help eliminate the need to shut down your compressed air systems due to unit failures or utility outages. A solid contingency plan outlines exactly what to do and who to call to keep your operations running and your revenue stream flowing.

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This Emergency Compressed Air Planner will help you and your team build a contingency plan. The checklist format will help you cover the key elements quickly and easily — an established supplier of compressed air rental solutions, supplies, and service will help you fill in the details.


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Rent Compressed Air From Thompson Power Systems

For reliable diesel, electric, and high pressure compressed air rental solutions, Thompson’s got what you need — along with the expertise to handle everything from product assessment and selection to easy delivery and fast installation. Thompson Power Systems offers rental solutions for every need, no matter how large, complex, or urgent:

  • Diesel driven power to 1600CFM
  • Electric power to 3000CFM
  • Any air quality requirement, including oil-free air compressors
  • A full line of additional components, including aftercoolers, air dryers, filters, and more

For more information on renting a portable air compressor, contact us online or call 205-247-2800. To make an in-person appointment, locate your nearest representative today.

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