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Emergency Power Systems for Your Needs

Nothing halts a construction project like a sudden loss of power. It’s important to plan ahead for power emergencies, which is why Thompson Power Systems is here for you with rental generators appropriate for indoor and outdoor tasks.

Our professionals help you find genuine Cat® rental generators to handle your power needs during planned or unexpected downtime. Keep projects moving thanks to the Thompson Power Systems team that has 65 years of experience and exceeds your expectations for service.

What Is an Emergency Power System?

Also called commercial backup generators and industrial standby generators depending on how they are used, emergency power systems are invaluable resources that provide backup electricity when the electricity that powers your machinery or commercial building cuts out.

An electric backup generator may be used in remote locations where access to grid power is limited or restricted. The generators we supply are also effective in helping industrial facilities stay productive during system maintenance.

How Do Backup Generators Work?

The commercial emergency generators we provide at Thompson Power Systems run using either natural gas or diesel fuel. Our experts offer you large, towable industrial generators that can be hitched to the back of a vehicle and placed virtually anywhere to provide a convenient source of power.

The Thompson Power Systems team will provide recommendations for commercial backup generator systems after learning about your project and power requirements.

Types of Immediate Assistance Generators We Provide

At Thompson Power Systems, we understand that incidents happen when you least expect them. We’re proud to offer immediate rental assistance for customers in our service area. Thanks to our multiple locations throughout Alabama and Northwest Florida, we can get rental generators out to your site at a moment’s notice.

Whether you expect your power situation to last for days, weeks, or months, there’s something in our rental catalog that is right for you. We know the value of having dependable equipment in remote locations, so all of our mobile generator sets are from Caterpillar. One of our representatives will work with you to identify the ideal backup generator to support the wattage your workplace and applications require.

Gas Backup Generators for Commercial Use

Let Thompson Power Systems introduce you to a rental backup generator that runs on propane or natural gas. Most of the gas generators in our rental fleet work using gas lines versus a traditional tank to provide an uninterrupted source of electricity where you need it.

Gas backup generators for commercial projects are readily available through Thompson Power Systems. Our gas generators are affordably priced so you can adapt to sudden changes on the job with minimal impact to your bottom line.

Diesel Backup Generators for Commercial Use

Diesel generators for buildings and industrial facilities tend to have better fuel efficiency than their gas-powered counterparts. There are also fewer safety risks, as diesel is less flammable than natural gas — something worth considering depending on other equipment you’ll have nearby.

The gas and diesel backup generators in our rental fleet arrive ready to work so you can keep your operation productive. Talk to our staff if you’re unsure whether a gas or diesel generator would be better for your commercial project.

Advantages of Emergency Power Systems

Whether it’s your first time requesting an emergency power system rental or you are new to Thompson Power Systems, our team will make sure you have what you need to realize the benefits of using a rental backup generator for construction or industrial work:

  • Your team can continue working after an unexpected power outage.
  • Our towable industrial generators are available with short- and long-term agreements.
  • We have numerous backup generators to choose from, ensuring you get one with the appropriate power output.
  • Thompson Power Systems performs extensive maintenance on our backup generators to keep them at their best.
  • All our emergency generators are portable for flexibility during your busiest days on the job.
  • You can extend contracts as your project scope changes.
  • Having electricity available during emergencies minimizes lost profit.
  • Industrial and commercial backup generators mitigate the potential for machine damage due to power loss.

How to Book an Emergency Rental With Thompson Power Systems

Thompson Power Systems is here for you during a power emergency. We have a 24-hour hotline you can call to speak with an expert, and our professionals will talk you through your options for Cat generators over the phone to ensure you we can provide everything you need. This is the best way to get to the bottom of your power issue and explore ways to get your equipment back up and running.

We’re happy to serve professionals in numerous industries, so you can depend on us for a Cat generator that is versatile enough to handle a wide range of jobs.

A dedicated technician will review the types of portable power systems available and ask you questions to narrow the selection. These questions will include details about wattage demands and the amount of space you’re working with. We’ll then connect you to the Thompson Power Systems location that is closest to you and coordinate a pickup or delivery.

Reasons to Partner With Thompson Power Systems

With Thompson Power Systems, you can get temporary power solutions when you need them. Whether you are working off the grid or the scope of your assignment changes on the fly, you can trust us to get you squared away. It’s our goal to save you from stressful power situations, as we do the problem solving for you. We’re known for our remarkable customer service.

Our team prides itself on assisting business owners, construction managers and industrial workers searching for effective power solutions. We can prove the difference we make thanks to the numerous customer testimonials we have online. Other reasons to choose us include:

  • We have a wide range of new and used equipment available for purchase.
  • Our technicians provide ongoing support for generator rentals.
  • We’re prepared to answer any questions you have about our generator models.
  • The Thompson Power Systems rental inventory is filled with the latest Cat generator systems.

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