Industrial Machines

As a group, industrial machinery encompasses any mechanical or electrical equipment used by manufacturers in mass production facilities. Machines such as diesel engines are often used for power distribution and energy production purposes, but they can serve in many different applications.

At Thompson Power Systems, we have the industrial diesel engines, power units and fire pumps you need to ensure that your manufacturing business is operating at full efficiency. We offer new equipment, rentals, parts, services, and more, making us your go-to Cat® dealer and one-stop shop for all of your construction and operational needs.

Learn about our wide selection of industrial machinery to find the unit that best suits your business.

Industrial Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are a type of internal combustion engine typically found in industrial-grade equipment. The fuel in these compression ignition engines is designed to spark when exposed to high temperatures and oxygen-based pressure. Industrial diesel engines can suit construction, stationary power, airline ground support, and agricultural purposes. These engines are often utilized to provide a clean, cost-effective energy source and provide emergency power to businesses.

We have dozens of industrial diesel engine options in our arsenal of new equipment. Our state-of-the-art Cat engines offer high performance and efficiency and suit a wide variety of markets and factory uses. With our industrial engines, you can bring the power you need to your business.

Industrial Diesel Power Units

Diesel power units are your solution to fuel-efficient and affordable power. These complete packages are useful in a wide array of agricultural and industrial applications and are known for providing excellent horsepower with minimal assembly requirements. With a heavy-duty build and a condensed, robust design, industrial diesel power units allow for easy integration and environmentally friendly power in any facility.

Cat industrial diesel power units are useful in a variety of industries such as irrigation, mining, and other environments requiring frequent pumping operations. With integrated power units specially built to meet emission standards, our equipment will deliver the high performance you're looking for.

Industrial Diesel Fire Pumps

If you're looking to protect your business from fire hazards, consider buying an industrial diesel fire pump. Diesel pumps equip a facility's sprinkler systems with an adequate water supply to release in the event of a fire. Common industrial buildings that use fire pumps include warehouses, aircraft hangars, and production plants.

At Thompson Power Systems, our industrial diesel fire pumps have a reputation for dependability and long-lasting service. With six sleek models, substantial power ratings, and a wide range of installations, our Cat fire pump line has everything you need to keep your facility safe during emergencies.

Buy Industrial Machines at Thompson Power Systems

For industrial machines you can rely on, choose Thompson Power Systems as your full-service equipment provider. As an industry leader in heavy equipment sales, parts, maintenance, and more, we have the expertise to deliver reliable, high-productivity products and services for all of your construction needs. We've been in the business for 65 years and counting, so we know what it takes to be a trustworthy, knowledgeable resource for all of our customers.

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