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We are dedicated to developing a power systems solution that meets your needs, regardless of the application.

With the industry’s widest range of diesel, gas, and rental generator sets, automatic transfer switches, uninterruptible power systems, and switchgear, the Thompson Power Systems team will work directly with you for the life of your power system — from configuration to installation to operation.

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Industrial Power System Solutions for Major Sectors

Thompson Power Systems provides power generation solutions for businesses across all major industries. From powering massive data centers to keeping the lights on in mining shafts, we supply customizable Cat equipment solutions for the following industries:


We offer advanced Cat power systems for the agricultural sector. Whether you need to power your daily farm operations or want help developing a solution for reducing greenhouse gases, we’re always ready to help our agricultural customers enhance their processes in a clean, efficient way.


Power your construction site with our Cat power generation systems. When you’re hard at work laying a foundation, installing wires, or erecting cell towers, you know that uninterrupted power is crucial to your operations. We offer an array of continuous power solutions for our construction industry customers, including various gas and diesel generators.

Commercial Business

Choose from a wide range of standby and primary power systems to keep your commercial business running. Whether you’re looking for a temporary power solution to maintain operations as you’re renovating your business, you need an emergency power solution, or you’re looking to upgrade your primary power source, turn to us to meet your needs.

Data Centers

Data centers require foolproof power solutions to maintain their critical operations. We offer our data center customers customizable options for standby, continuous, and temporary power as well as automatic transfer switch (ATS) options, switchgear, controllers, and much more.


We provide healthcare facilities all over Alabama and the Florida Panhandle area with comprehensive power systems designed to meet their unique daily operational needs. From major hospitals to outpatient clinics, we serve healthcare facilities with a wide selection of standby, continuous, and temporary uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS) along with ATS applications and other essentials.


Thompson Power Systems offers customers in landfill businesses with reliable sources of continuous power for their applications. To help landfills operate on a “greener” level, we offer generators designed to collect, purify, and run on greenhouse gases — a cost-effective way to source renewable fuel.


Manufacturing plants require a substantial amount of continuous energy to perform their required operations. We supply our manufacturing customers with powerful Cat gas and diesel generator sets that offer dependable standby power. When you need to keep moving, we have your back.


In the mining industry, you can’t settle for less than the most reliable electric power systems available. We offer Cat electrical power solutions that provide temporary and permanent power for mining industry applications such as IPP services, construction, and exploration.

Municipality/Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our municipality and wastewater treatment offerings include a range of energy-saving electrical power generation options. We provide water treatment plants and similar facilities with reliable backup power solutions that cut energy costs and maintain efficient operations.


Our nuclear industry power generation solutions are designed to support the critical functions of nuclear power plants. From installing emergency generators to maintaining and repairing existing systems within your facility, Thompson Power Systems is here to optimize your nuclear operations.

Power Plants

While the country depends on power plants to support daily functions, power plants can depend on us for power system installation, maintenance, and repair services. We offer Cat power generation products designed for the specific operations you perform in this industry.


We also provide utility companies with the power they need to support their operational demands — which include preparing for sudden spikes in their communities’ energy requirements.

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