Mobile Generator Sets

Mobile Generator Set Rentals in AL & FL

Planned power cuts can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, which is why it’s so important to have a dependable temporary power source. Whether you need a short-term power generation rental or want to purchase a new unit, we’ll help you find the right Cat® mobile generator sets to keep your operations running.

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Mobile Generator Sets

Take a look at our mobile generator set information below to learn how we can support your operations with top-of-the-line Cat power generation products.

What Are Mobile Generator Sets?

A mobile generator is any type of generator that offers a portable power supply for temporary applications. Mobile generators can run on diesel, natural gas, and other common fuel types, and they range in power generation capacity.

The type of mobile generator set you need depends on the requirements of your specific application, including:

  • Wattage: Your total power requirements will directly impact the size of the generator you need.
  • Available space: While wattage needs are generally more important for determining generator size, you’ll also want to ensure you choose one that fits into your job site.
  • Fuel type: Electric generators typically use either natural gas or diesel fuel to produce electricity, and each fuel type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

We offer mobile generator sets that accommodate extensive power supply needs across multiple industries. From providing temporary power solutions for businesses during a renovation period to supplying backup power during severe weather, our Cat mobile generator sets are as versatile as they are convenient.


Rent the portable generator  you need to keep operations moving.

Mobile Generator Set Applications

You can use mobile generator sets for many different purposes. Because of their mobile designs and user-friendly controls and diagnostic tools, we can install these generators quickly and efficiently in a wide variety of settings, including health care facilities, schools, construction sites, office buildings, and more.

Some common uses for mobile generator sets are:

  • Providing a continuous backup power source during a lapse in the main power supply.
  • Supporting increased power needs during special events.
  • Providing additional power during peak production times.
  • Delivering power on remote job sites without grid access.
  • Offering a fast, convenient means of continuous power generation in emergencies.

Whatever your application, we offer solutions that will fit your needs. Cat generators are some of the most dependable power sources on the market, and with our coverage and service options, you can rest assured you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Let us know if you need more information about which generator is right for your application. Our knowledgeable team can answer any questions you may have and help you make an informed decision.

Our Mobile Generators for Rent

In certain situations, you don’t need to purchase a whole new generator. We carry a selection of Cat rental generators and equipment for short-term needs, such as planned maintenance and emergency breakdowns.

Some of our rental models include:

  • XQ125: The XQ125 mobile generator is a highly durable and energy-efficient diesel generator that offers maximum productivity with minimal emissions.
  • XQ230: With a powerful C7.1 ACERT™ diesel engine powering this generator, the Cat XQ230 is an excellent rental option for demanding jobs.

You can learn more about your Cat generator rental options by contacting our dealership team online. A representative will be in touch to provide more information.

Why Rent a Generator?

Why Rent a Generator?

The many benefits of renting a generator include:

  • Lower upfront costs: A backup generator is a sizable investment, especially for large sites. Renting is a much more cost-effective option for short-term power generation needs.
  • Minimal maintenance: We perform routine maintenance and servicing on all our rental equipment so you can count on your generator as a reliable source of power.
  • No storage requirement: Once you’re done with your rental, you can simply return it to us — no need to find space to store it for long periods of time.

Our Mobile Generator Sets for Sale

Thompson Power Systems offers various gas and diesel mobile generators along with accessories that support their essential functions. The general product categories we offer include:

  • Natural gas generator sets: Our natural gas generator sets include the XG135XG400, and the XQ1475G models, complete with trailers for easy transportation and optional accessories to maximize function.
  • Diesel generator sets: We offer powerful and compact diesel engine options for sale and for rent. Our diesel generator sets include the XQ125XQ230XQ35XQ425XQ570XQ60, and XQ1140 T4 Final models. These units come with trailers and other optional accessories.
  • Temporary connection boxes: We also stock temporary connection boxes for Cat mobile generator sets. Module types include enclosed circuit breaker, lug-to-lug, and camlock, and our connection boxes are suitable for standby, emergency, and emergency applications that have legally enforced power requirements.

Our selection of mobile generator sets includes both new and used equipment so you can find a model that best fits both your budget and job requirements. We also offer various levels of extended service coverage (ESC) plans to help maximize the life of your generator. Ask your local representative for more information on our service and maintenance offerings.

Contact Thompson Power Systems for Your Power Generation Needs

Contact Thompson Power Systems for Your Power Generation Needs

When you need a Cat mobile generator dealer in the Alabama or Northern Florida regions, turn to the experts at Thompson Power Systems. We have over 60 years of experience providing our customers with stellar customer support and troubleshooting services. No matter which mobile generator set you choose, we’re here to help you reap the maximum benefit from your Cat product.

For guidance on choosing the best mobile generator set for your applications, contact us online or give us a call at 205-247-2800. To connect with someone in person, find your regional sales representative today.


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