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Birmingham backup power

A reliable power system can keep your operation efficient around the clock. Thompson Power Systems supplies Birmingham, Alabama, with emergency power systems to meet your energy needs, from powering lights and tools to running entire buildings. Learn about our offerings and how we support your company.

Explore New, Used, and Rental Backup Power Systems in Birmingham, AL

When your business has power needs, Thompson Power Systems has the equipment to support your productivity. With our new, used, and rental options, you can find high-performance generators and distribution systems in Birmingham that work for your budget.

When you buy one of our new systems, you gain the power of Cat® gas and diesel generators with the most advanced capabilities. Mobile options, switchgear controls, breakers, and contactors give your operation the energy it needs to thrive. Plus, we also have microgrid systems that help you power large areas like commercial facilities, homes, and neighborhoods.

With our used equipment, you can enjoy the same high-performance power at a significantly lower price. Our qualified technicians certify every system’s performance with comprehensive maintenance and inspections. We’ll help you find any unit you might need, from microgrids to gas and diesel generators.

New used and rental power equipment in Birmingham

If you have short-term power requirements, our rental options offer flexible schedules and competitive prices to support your next project. Equipment types include:

  • Temperature control units
  • Portable compressed air systems
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Mobile generator sets

Whether your power equipment is in the shop or you need a productivity boost during peak season, our rentals keep your operation on schedule.

Birmingham, Alabama, Emergency Power Systems for Every Industry

Many industries rely on advanced power systems to keep up with production, stay on schedule, and continue to succeed. If your operation requires high energy output, our generators and power units can manage the need throughout the day.

Thompson Power Systems supports these and other industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial business
  • Landfills
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare

Power generation is a critical tool for any business. With our units, you can keep up with any industrial activity and maintain a reliable emergency response plan. If your location loses power due to a hurricane or electrical issue, our backup power systems keep your systems online and your production moving until the problem is resolved.

Enjoy the Benefits of Working With Thompson Power Systems

While we offer the benefits of machinery from Caterpillar, an industry leader in power systems, we also provide the local presence you want from your equipment provider. Our Birmingham representatives speak with you directly to understand your unique business needs and find the right model for your application.

When you buy or rent from us, we stay by your side in the long term. With our service and maintenance solutions, we ensure your new and used systems maintain their health over time for ongoing efficiency and high performance.

Industrial Generators for Cullman, Sylacauga, Talladega and Beyond

Contact Birmingham power equipment dealership

At Thompson Power Systems, we want to see your operation succeed. We help you find the right generators and power units for your applications to give you the best results. Whether you’re looking for new, used, or rental equipment, we have you covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more.