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Our power generation products include an array of microgrids and microgrid accessories designed to provide self-contained power sources for many different applications. Take a look at the information below to learn how our microgrids can power your commercial or industrial facility.

What Is a Microgrid?

A microgrid refers to a unit that contains photovoltaic solar modules and energy storage capacity. These fully integrated power systems feature decentralized power sources and loads that can either operate as part of a whole grid or detach for autonomous operation.

Microgrids are popular energy-efficient power solutions that you can use anywhere. With the recent industrial shift towards solar and other eco-friendly energy sources, microgrids provide an increasingly popular solution for power generation across industries.


What Is a Microgrid Used For?

Microgrids have various applications in industrial and commercial settings. These detachable power sources convert solar energy into electricity that provides consistent power in a wide variety of environments. Microgrids are suitable for the following purposes:

  • Providing a backup power source for a grid in case of a power outage
  • Adding extra power to a weak or insufficient local resource
  • Providing an energy-efficient power solution to lower overall consumption

Reach out to the Thompson Power Systems team with any questions on our microgrids' applications for your industry.

Our Microgrids and Microgrid Accessories for Sale

We offer Cat microgrids and microgrid accessories that help you optimize your power usage.

  • Cat BDP 250 Energy Storage Inverter: This powerful energy storage inverter provides users with Energy Storage System (ESS) control. With this unit, you can use the integrated controls to manage ESS charge and discharge.
  • Energy Time Shift Module: This Energy Shift (ES) module offers a solution for facility backup, peak shaving, and spinning reserve applications. Our ES module can provide consistent backup power to many types of facilities during a power outage.
  • Grid stability module: Our grid stability module, or Cat PGS Module, provides a backup power option in the event of a power outage. This module integrates with sustainable power sources, including solar, to create short-duration power and optimize the efficiency of generator sets.
  • PVC module options: We also offer a variety of Cat Photovoltaic Module PVC options, which include mono crystalline PERC and mono crystalline halfcut PERC modules that provide high-efficiency energy-capturing solutions for commercial, industrial, and even residential applications.


Types of Microgrid Solutions

There are three primary types of microgrid systems. Each of these solutions has the same functions — they just accomplish them in different ways:

  • Remote microgrids: These units are isolated from the utility grid and operate independently on island mode. Remote microgrids are very compatible with renewable energy sources.
  • Grid-connected microgrids: Directly connected to the main grid through a switching mechanism, these microgrid systems can be disconnected and reconnected to the utility grid as needed.
  • Networked microgrids: Also known as "nested microgrids," these use a collection of separate microgrids connected to the same main grid circuit section. They can serve a large geographic area.

Benefits of Microgrids

There are many benefits to using a microgrid system. From providing power to remote locations to money and energy savings, your microgrids are bound to transform the way you use energy. Consider the four primary advantages of employing microgrid solutions in your Alabama location.

Increased Resiliency

A microgrid can offer increased system resiliency through the combination of multiple energy sources to provide redundancy in the event that one source is not available. When a system is resilient, it can minimize the chance of power outages and quickly recover from them when they occur. Microgrids can also choose which services they restore within a building or facility so that the most vital areas are operational.

Increased Reliability

Microgrid systems typically connect to your main grid, which allows you to use electronics, appliances and air sources through a central power source. But because microgrids can operate separately, you can use them to ensure that your home, business, or neighborhood will maintain power in the event of an outage.

Lower Energy Costs

A microgrid can also be designed to provide energy from the most cost-effective power source. Microgrids limit energy consumption through smart energy systems that boost efficiency. They also reduce the length of energy travel from the generator to the power destination, further improving energy generation and cutting down on costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Microgrid solutions can operate using sustainable power production technologies such as solar, energy storage, wind, fuel cells, and combined heat and power plant applications. They balance renewable energy products with basic power generation to function at high efficiency.

Choose Thompson Power Systems for Your Microgrids

If you need a backup power source for your facility that offers energy efficiency and reliability, check out our selection of microgrids and microgrid accessories today. Let our friendly team know if you have any questions regarding these power sources' capabilities, installation requirements, or applications.

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