3508C Offshore Generator Set

Product Description

Cat 3500 offshore generator sets are specifically designed for drilling and production operations offshore. Decades of experience powering offshore vessels and platforms make have evolved into a product that offers proven performance, low emissions, high durability, and low owning and operating costs.Applications for 3500 offshore generator sets include main power, essential services power, and emergency power on-board drilling and production rigs and vessels.Cat generator sets are backed by the worldwide network of Cat dealers ready to support your operation with technical support, service, parts, and warranty.Cat 3508C offshore generator set. Ratings: 639-779 ekW (799-974 kVA) @ 50 Hz (1500 rpm). Meets IMO Tier II emission standards.

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating
Maximum Rating

Standard Equipment

  • Air Inlet System
    • Aftercooler core — corrosion resistant coating
    • Air cleaners — dual element, installed
    • Air inlet shutoff
  • Control System
    • Caterpillar A-III electronic engine control
    • Rigid wiring harness (MCS)
  • Cooling System
    • Outlet controlled thermostat and housing
    • Jacket water pump — gear-driven, flanged single outlet
    • Aftercooler fresh water cooling pump — gear-drivencentrifugal
    • SCAC pump circuit with thermostat
    • Single water outlet connection
  • Exhaust System
    • Dry gas-tight exhaust manifolds with heat shields, dualturbochargers with water-cooled bearings and heat shields
    • Flexible exhaust fitting/weldable exhaust flange
  • Flywheels & Flywheel Housings
    • Flywheel, SAE No. 00
    • 183 teeth
    • Flywheel housing, SAE No. 00
    • MCS approved coupling and generator hub
  • Fuel System
    • Fuel filter — LH
    • Fuel transfer and priming pumps
    • Electronically Controlled Unit Injectors
    • Flexible fuel lines
    • Hard fuel return line for MCS requirements
  • Instrumentation
    • Graphic unit (Marine Power Display), LH for analogor digital display of: engine oil and fuel pressure,engine water temperature, system DC voltage, airinlet restriction, RH & LH exhaust temperature, oil andfuel filter differential, service meter, engine speed,instantaneous fuel consumption, total fuel consumed
    • Operator programmable display, monitoring, alarms andshutdowns
  • Lube System
    • Crankcase breather — top mounted
    • Deep sump oil pan — 1000 hour
    • Lube oil
    • Oil drain and valve
    • Oil filler and dipstick
    • Oil filter — cartridge-type, LH
    • Oil pump — gear-type
  • Mounting System
    • Engine and generator three-point mounted into outer base
    • Oil drain extension
    • Oil drip pan
  • Protection System
    • A-III Electronic Monitoring System provides customer programmableengine de-ration strategies to protect against adverse operatingconditions
    • Emergency stop push button (located in Electronic Instrument Panel)Safety shutoff protection for oil pressure and water temperature, overspeed protection
  • Starting System
    • Air starting motor — RH
    • Electric start control
    • Air silencer
  • General
    • Vibration damper and guard
    • Lifting eyes
    • Paint, Cat yellow

Optional Equipment

  • Exhaust System
    • Mufflers — spark arresting
  • Control System
    • Direct rack control interface
  • Cooling System
    • Heat exchanger cooling (front engine-mounted includingexpansion tank)
  • Fuel System
    • Duplex fuel filters
    • Primary fuel filter
    • Fuel cooler — titanium plate type
    • Fuel/water separator
  • Lube System
    • Duplex oil filters
    • Bypass centrifugal oil filters
    • 15° and 25° tilt capability
    • Air prelube
  • Protection System
    • Crankcase explosion relief valves
    • Metal particle detector
  • Instrumentation
    • Pyrometer and cylinder thermocouples
    • Air cleaner restriction sensors(2),
    • Intake manifold temperature sensor
    • Lubricating oil temperature sensor
    • Fuel filter differential pressure sensors
    • PL1000
  • Starting System
    • Redundant start with selector switch (air-electric, air-air,air-hydraulic, or electric-hydraulic)
  • General
    • Marine Society and IMO certificates
    • Jacket water heaters