3512B Offshore Generator Set

Product Description

Cat 3500 offshore generator sets are specifically designed for drilling and production operations offshore. Decades of experience powering offshore vessels and platforms make have evolved into a product that offers proven performance, low emissions, high durability, and low owning and operating costs.Applications for 3500 offshore generator sets include main power, essential services power, and emergency power on-board drilling and production rigs and vessels.Cat generator sets are backed by the worldwide network of Cat dealers ready to support your operation with technical support, service, parts, and warranty.Cat 3512B offshore generator set. Ratings: 880-1360 ekW (1100-1943 kVA) @ 50/60 Hz (1000/1200/1500/1800 rpm). Meets IMO Tier I emission standards equivalent. Select ratings meet IMO Tier II emission standards.

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating
Maximum Rating
IMO Tier I
Oil Change Interval
Engine Control
Fuel System



Capacity for Liquids

Cooling System - Engine
106gal (US)
Lube Oil System - Refill
84gal (US)

Standard Equipment

  • Air Inlet System
    • Separate Circuit aftercooler core, corrosion resistant coated(air side)Air cleaner, regular dutyDual Turbochargers, 152 mm (6 in) OD straight connection
  • Control System
    • Caterpillar A-III Electronic Engine Control, LHwith Electronic Unit Injector Fuel SystemRigid Wiring Harness(10 amp DC power required to drive Electronic Engine Control Module)
  • Cooling System
    • Outlet controlled thermostat and housing, full opentemperature 92°C (198°F)
    • Jacket water pump, gear driven
    • Single water outlet connection, includes flange:143 mm (5.6")
    • Aftercooler fresh water cooling pump (SCAC), gear drivencentrifugal
    • SCAC pump circuit contains a thermostat to keep theaftercooler coolant from falling below 30°C (85°F)
  • Exhaust System
    • Dry gas tight exhaust manifolds with heat shieldsDual Turbochargers with watercooled bearings and heat shieldsExhaust outlet, vertical, 203 mm (8 in) round flanged outlet
  • Flywheels & Flywheel Housings
    • Flywheel, SAE No. 00, 183 teethFlywheel housing, SAE No. 00
  • Fuel System
    • Fuel filter
    • Fuel transfer pump
    • Electronically Controlled Unit Injectors
    • Fuel priming pump, LH
    • Rigid fuel return line with customer connection point asbase of engine
  • Instrumentation
    • Overspeed shutdown notification light, Emergency stop notification light
    • Graphical Unit (Marine Power Display) for analog or digital displayof:
  • Lube System
    • Crankcase breather, top mounted
    • Oil cooler
    • Oil filter and dipstick, LH
    • Oil pump, gear-type
    • Oil pan drain valve, 2" NPT female connection
  • Protection System
    • A-III Electronic Monitoring System provides customer programmableengine de-ration strategies to protect against adverse operatingconditions
    • Emergency stop push button (located in Electronic Instrument Panel)Safety shutoff protection:
  • Starting System
    • Air starting motor, RH, 620 to 1034 kPa (90 to 150 psi),LH control
    • Air silencer
  • General
    • Paint, Caterpillar yellow, with black rails
    • Vibration damper and guard
    • Lifting eyes
    • Engine and generator, three-point mounted to sub-base
    • Lift provisions on base
    • Oil drain extension
    • Engine length drip pan

Optional Equipment

  • Air Inlet System
    • Remote Air Inlet Adapters
  • Charging System
    • Battery Chargers
    • Charging Alternators
  • Control System
    • Load Sharing module
    • Local speed throttle control
    • Direct rack control interface, 0-200 mA DC control
  • Cooling System
    • Coolant level sensors
    • Connections
    • Air separator
  • Exhaust System
    • Flexible fittings
    • Elbows
    • Flanges
    • Flange and exhaust expanders
    • Mufflers
  • Fuel System
    • Fuel Cooler
    • Primary fuel filter
    • Fuel filters
    • Duplex fuel filters
    • Fuel level switch
  • Generator Attachments
    • Air filter — generator
    • Bearing temperature detectors
    • Cable access box
    • Manual voltage control
  • Instrumentation
    • PL1000T Communication Module
    • PL1000E Communication Module
    • Customer Interface Box
    • Remote panel display
    • Remote cylinder temperature display
    • Exhaust temperature thermocouples
    • Discrete I/O module
    • Intake manifold temperature sensors
    • Oil temperature sensor
  • Lube System
    • Duplex oil filter
    • Bypass centrifugal oil filter
    • 500-hour oil pan
    • Emergency lube oil connections
    • Oil level regulator
    • Prelube
    • Sump pump
  • Mounting System
    • Vibration isolators
  • Power Take-offs
    • Auxiliary drive shafts and pulleys
  • Starting System
    • Air or electric starting motor
    • Redundant start with select switch
  • Protection System
    • Spray shielding
    • Crankcase explosion relief valve
    • Metal particle detector
  • General
    • Jacket water heater