G3612 A4 Gas Compression Engine

Product Description

    G3600 ADEM™4 engines provide a wide range of power options to fit your gas compression application. G3600 ADEM™4 engines bring the highest uptime in the industry and long operating intervals between overhaul. Operators that use G3600 ADEM™4 engines in their fleet enjoy virtually no unscheduled downtime, the right power for their application, the lowest operating costs, and emissions compliance. Ideal applications for G3600 ADEM™4 engines include centralized gathering stations, gas processing, transmissions, and storage applications. Cat G3612 ADEM™4 Gen 1 gas engine with ratings: 2796 bkW (3750 bhp) @ 1000 rpm and Cat G3612 ADEM™4 Gen 2 gas engine with ratings: 2015 bKW (2750bhp) @ 1000 rpm. NSPS site compliant capable.​

      Engine Specifications

      Maximum Rating
      NSPS Site Compliant Capable
      Minimum Rating
      Compression Ratio
      Gen 1 (9.2:1) Gen 2 (7:6:1)
      Rotation from Flywheel End
      Flywheel Teeth
      Weight - Dry
      Oil Change Interval
      5000 hours
      Ignition, Protection

      Capacity for Liquids

      Cooling System
      194gal (US)
      Lube Oil System - Refill
      272gal (US)

      Standard Equipment

      • Air Inlet System
        • Air cleaner — standard duty Inlet air adapter
      • Control System
        • A4 control system — provides electronic governing integrated with air/fuel ratio control and individual cylinder ignition timing control
      • Cooling System
        • Jacket water pump
        • Jacket water thermostats and housing
        • Aftercooler pump
        • Aftercooler water thermostats and housing
        • Two-stage aftercooler
      • Exhaust System
        • Dry wrapped exhaust manifolds
        • Vertical outlet adapter
      • Flywheel & Flywheel Housing
        • SAE standard rotation
      • Fuel System
        • Gas admission valves -- electronically controlled fuel supply pressure
      • Ignition System
        • A4 control system — senses individual cylinder detonation and controls individual cylinder timing
      • Lube System
        • Crankcase breathers — top mounted
        • Oil cooler
        • Oil filter
        • Oil pan drain valve
      • Mounting System
        • Engine mounting feet (six total)
      • Protection System
        • Electronic shutoff system with purge cycle
        • Crankcase explosion relief valves
        • Gas shutoff valve
      • Starting System
        • Air starting system
      • General
        • Paint — Cat yellow
        • Vibration dampers

      Optional Equipment

      • Air Inlet System
        • Heavy-duty air cleaner with precleaners and rain protection
      • Charging System
        • 35 Amp & 65 Amp chargin alternators - CSA approved
      • Exhaust System
        • Flexible bellows adapters
        • Exhaust expander
        • Weld flanges
      • Fuel System
        • Fuel filter
        • Gas pressure regulator
        • Flexible connection
        • Low energy fuel system
        • Corrosive gas fuel system
      • Instrumentation
        • Remote data monitoring and speed control
        • Compatible with Cat Electronic Technician (ET) and Data View
        • LCD display panel
        • Color HMI display
        • Modbus and Ethernet capable
      • Lube System
        • Air or electric motor-driven prelube
        • Duplex oil filter
        • RH service
        • Lube oil makeup system
      • Mounting System
        • Mounting plates (set of six)
      • Power Take-offs
        • Front stub shafts
      • Starting System
        • Air pressure reducing valve
        • Natural gas starting system
      • General
        • Engine barring device
        • Damper guard