Through our cooperative purchasing contract, you can work with Thompson Power Systems to find custom power solutions that fit your application and budget. With a reputation for world-class performance and reliability combined with unmatched dealer support, Cat generator sets and accessories deliver the right power when you need it.

Sourcewell is a governmental agency which offers their competitively bid and awarded purchasing contracts for use by other: governmental, educational, or non-profit entities to streamline their procurement process while satisfying their bidding requirements. Sourcewell contracts each bid are awarded for a 4-year timeframe with periodic product and pricing updates. Because these contracts are solicited competitively by a governmental agency (Sourcewell), they comply with each state’s and most province’s procurement codes and provide national-volume pricing to you.

Caterpillar® Offers Sourcewell Members Extended Service
Contract with Purchase of Standby Generator Sets

A Complimentary Platinum 4 Year Extended Service Contract (ESC) is yours when you purchase a Cat® Standby generator using the Sourcewell contract. Now when you purchase a diesel generator set (excluding Tier 4) or gas generator set (450 kW and below) sold into standby applications, you’ll receive a complimentary Platinum 4 Year ESC with no deductible. Run the generator up to 500 hours/year? It still qualifies as standby. You may extend the ESC up to 10 years for an additional charge. Cat units are also eligible to upgrade to Platinum Plus Coverage.

(excludes Prime rated, Rental/Mobile, Cat GC and Large Gas products).

Benefits For You
• Satisfies their legal bidding requirements, providing fair and established contract prices
• Saves the time and expense associated with the typical bidding process
• Reduces time and expense of engineering. The project can be designed and configured to the Caterpillar product rather than general specs
• Project schedules can be significantly reduced

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