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Whether you’re installing a backup generator for your small business, working with an engineering firm to upgrade your manufacturing plant, or designing a new power station from ground up, our Power Systems experts can provide the right level of expertise and support—when you need them. Depend on our experts to help you:
• Reduce risks and delays that could impact your timeline
• Understand and assist with obtaining the necessary permits and approvals
• Manage proper installation
• Provide startup services and reliability testing
• Provide training to facility personnel as necessary


Engine Parts

In the parts business, quality means everything to our customers, which is why Thompson Power Systems maintains an inventory enabling 90% of all customer orders Over-the Counter. With computer access to every Caterpillar dealer's parts inventory worldwide- not to mention a daily delivery network serving all 22 Thompson locations from Caterpillar's Atlanta depot - we handle fully 97% of all customer requests overnight.

Thompson Power Systems is a full service power systems distributor. We train, supply and support a network of authorized Truck Engine Parts & Service (TEPS) dealers and other Authorized Marine Dealers (AMD'S) across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. It adds-up to parts-supply service that puts quality in your hands, where it belongs.

Engine Service

The best product support starts with the best products- combined with the best possible understanding of the customer's needs. That's where Thompson Power Systems earns your business. Where we earn your respect is after the sale.

We built our reputation for first-rate product support on a willingness to respond to customer needs- as quickly and effectively as possible. We maintain that reputation with consistent quality service at every location across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle- backed by our area-wide fleet of service vehicles, leading edge tooling, and testing equipment that includes:

  • Dynamometers
  • Resistive and Reactive Load Banks
  • Computer Aided Marine Performance (CAMPAR) Anaylsis
  • Digital Cameras
  • Torsional Analysis
  • Vibrations Signature Analysis
  • Fuel System Test Benches
  • Machining Capabilities
  • Decibel Meters
  • Recording Oscilliscopes
  • Spectrographic OV Analysis
  • Hydraulic Component Manufacturing

In addition to our normal maintenance and product support service, we offer year-round 24-hour/7-day emergency response.

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