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CAT Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

Thompson is proud to offer two systems, Flywheel and Double Conversion power supply. From voltage sags and spikes to complete loss of power, disturbances are expensive for your business. You pay the price in lost material, lost productivity, lost data and lost profits. For reliable power applications that protect your critical processes, trust CAT UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). CAT UPS provides reliable protection against the full range of power events likely to affect critical facilities. Our UPS system is designed to provide years of low-maintenance protection, keeping your power supply constant, whether it’s running critical processes or safeguarding servers. With the lowest operating costs in the industry, it’s continuous power for less.

Thompson Power Systems offers switchgear suitable for applications ranging from single standby/load management to multi-unit utility paralleling installations.

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Automatic Transfer Switches are an integral component in Caterpillar Mobile Generator Sets and are responsible for transferring power between Utility and Generator. Today, every standby generator set that is sold requires at least one ATS, and some cases require multiple units.

Thompson offers a broad range of transfer switch products that are positioned to support virtually any type of emergency power application from simple, single ATS installations to highly complex, multi-ATS/generator switchgear systems. Available in sizes ranging from 40 through 4000A, there is a CAT switch to suit every project's needs.

Overall ATS Features Include:

  • Open & Closed Transition 
  • Delayed Transition 
  • Bypass Isolation 
  • 40 through 4000A 
  • Mechanically Held Contactor 
  • 50/60 Hz 600 V Class

Good maintenance programs should involve all components of a generator, including the Automatic Transfer Switch. There are several reasons for regular maintenance. In some industries, it is mandatory to perform, at the minimum, a weekly load test. This basic test makes sure the ATS is capable of sending a start signal to the generator and transferring the building load onto the generator for a period of time set by the user. This simple operation ensures the basic functionality of the ATS and generator. However, it does not address other critical operations during the life of the switch.

The MX line of Automatic Transfer Switches are contactor based switches in sizes ranging from 30A through 5000A.

CAT Switchgear Power Systems

Today the demand for reliable power applications is greater than ever before. Even the slightest disturbance can threaten the integrity of entire power systems. If an outage occurs, irreplaceable data could be lost, money lost – even lives lost. Now, with CAT switchgear, your ability to reliably provide and manage power to your facility is assured.

Available in three standard configurations, rental CAT switchgear power systems can accomodate a variety of power configurations including prime power, emergency standby, paralleling and load-shaving applications. Custom configuration is also available to meet specific needs.


  • Redundant (N+1 Power) 
  • Load Shed/Buss Optimized 
  • Parallels multiple Generators to meet power requirements 
  • Increases Reliability 
  • 480V – 15kV 
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface Panel



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