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Mobile Generator Set Rentals

Reliable power plays an essential role in the success of your business no matter what industry you work in. Whether you require power around the clock or only occasionally, you need your power equipment to meet your electrical load requirements and perform without interruptions. For short-term projects and emergencies, many people prefer to rent generator sets rather than buying them. At Thompson Power Systems, we offer mobile genset rentals to accommodate a variety of demanding environments and applications.

When you’re looking for a generator rental, we’re prepared with whatever you need for temporary power – from disaster relief or scheduled power system maintenance, to a standby power supply or a special event.

Our Cat® Rental Power Equipment

In our selection of rental equipment, you can find high-quality mobile generator sets manufactured by Caterpillar®, a world leader in backup and emergency power systems. Known for reliability, performance and efficiency, Cat rental generator sets are engineered for easy transporting and fast installation. Our mobile genset rentals are designed to work alone or in redundancy to meet your greatest power need in the shortest time.

These systems deliver clean, reliable, fuel-efficient gensets whenever and wherever you need them. Caterpillar is hard at work around the globe providing single-source access to meet all product and accessory needs — and the Cat experts at Thompson Power Systems are with you all the way to help you design a system, deliver equipment, and provide technical support, service, maintenance, and training for your personnel.


Applications for Our Mobile Generator Sets

The right rental generator for your business will depend on your application, power requirements and budget. Thompson Power Systems offers diesel and natural gas generators with outputs ranging from 20 ekW to 2,000 ekW, so you can get the right amount of power at the right time. Applications for our mobile generator sets include:

  • Emergency power: When a storm or other emergency leads to a power outage, a mobile generator for rent can help businesses continue operating and enable essential facilities like hospitals to continue serving the public.
  • Industrial facility operations: Industrial facilities can use Cat rental power equipment to maintain productivity during outages and avoid costly downtime during scheduled power system maintenance.
  • Work in remote areas: Mobile genset rental also offers an affordable way to bring power to remote worksites. Construction, mining, and agricultural operations all rely on generators to power equipment in locations far from other sources of electrical power.
  • Outdoor events: You may also rent power equipment to power lights, speakers, and appliances at outdoor events. Our mobile generator sets provide enough power for weddings, sporting events, carnivals, music festivals, and more.

Rent Mobile Generator Sets From Thompson Power Systems

At Thompson Power Systems, we have more than 60 years of experience meeting the power needs of customers in Alabama and northern Florida. To learn more about the Cat mobile generators we have available for rent, call 205-849-4361 or complete our online contact form today.



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