A Guide to Temporary Power for Construction Sites

Without temporary power, most construction sites would be at a standstill. Most of the machinery, tools and equipment you use throughout a project need a power source, but what are the best temporary construction power options for your needs? Discover why temporary power matters, which sources you should consider and how Thompson Power Systems can help.

Why You Need Temporary Power

There are dozens of tools and equipment that might need power on your construction site. Check out a few examples to give you a better idea of why temporary power is a must:

  • Tools and machinery: Power tools such as drills and saws and even heavy machinery like cranes need a reliable power source.
  • Lighting: A well-lit workspace is vital for project accuracy and worker safety. When you’re working on overcast days or past sunset, good lighting is especially important, and these systems require power.
  • Communication and safety systems: You’ll need to keep all communication devices, like walkie-talkies, in working order to help ensure project efficiency and maintain worker safety. If these systems rely on batteries, power systems can help keep them charged. Safety systems like cameras and alarms likely need a power source, as well.
  • Site offices: Many construction sites have temporary office setups. These facilities will need power for lights and office equipment.

Common Temporary Power Considerations

As you think about temporary power for your next project, you’ll want to keep in mind a few challenges that might arise. For example, you’ll need to section off an area of the work site to set up the power system. Additionally, you must consider how much power you require — is a high-capacity system necessary, or could a less powerful system meet your needs?

Potential weather conditions will also be a deciding factor. If your work site is in an area that experiences harsh weather, such as snow, you may need to set up a protective structure for the power system. Similarly, consider the environment around your work site and whether you need to consider noise pollution control.

Keep the following points in mind as you decide on a power system:

  • Start by calculating your temporary construction power requirements, which will require assessing the power needs of all your tools and machinery.
  • Look at your site to determine the layout and planning of power distribution — using a drone might be helpful.
  • Aim to weatherproof the power system as much as possible.
  • Create a plan for regular maintenance and testing to help you maintain the power system throughout the project.
  • Leave room to scale up or scale down your power requirements as necessary.

What Are the Different Types of Temporary Power Solutions?

The most common type of power solution for construction sites is a generator, and you can find many generator options to support your needs. These are a few examples of generator sets you might use on your site:

1. Diesel Generator Sets

It’s easy to integrate a diesel generator set with other power management systems or use it as a stand-alone power source. These generators are also simple to set up, allowing you to begin work faster. Plus, you can rely on them to power heavy equipment thanks to their robustness.

These generators come in a variety of sizes, so you choose one that’s best suited for your site’s environment and your project needs. Note that diesel generators tend to be noisy, so they may not be the best option for construction in dense areas or when noise is a concern otherwise.

2. Gas Generator Sets

A gas generator can rely on different fuel sources, such as biogas, natural gas or propane, making them a flexible power source. For the same reason, gas generators require plenty of ventilation and leak detection systems. Additionally, you’ll need to work with a professional technician for repairs and maintenance, as they have different requirements than other generators.

A notable benefit of gas generators is that they can be quieter than other options, making them a good choice for reducing noise pollution. Plus, natural gas is a cost-effective fuel option, and running your gas generator with natural gas can lead to cost savings.

3. Mobile Generator Sets

If you don’t want to set up your generator in one location, a mobile generator set could be the best option. These generators are lightweight, and you can mount them on trailers to move them around the job site. Because of their smaller size, mobile generators are relatively quiet and can be a more eco-friendly choice, based on the fuel they use.

Why Choose Thompson Power Systems for Your Temporary Power Source?

At Thompson Power Systems, we have a power solution for every construction site. With a wide selection of high-quality Cat® generators, you can rely on us to help you select the best option for your needs, whether you’re most interested in saving money, powering heavy equipment or investing in a durable generator that will last you years. No matter your site’s location or environment, Thompson Power Systems has a power system for you.

Plus, we offer switch gears, control systems and other parts, meaning you can get everything you need to power your site in one place. The convenience doesn’t end there — our team of professionals is always here to provide advice and answer questions when you need it. We know the industry inside and out, allowing us to assist you with choosing a power system and much more.

Contact Us for a Temporary Power Supply for Your Site

Whether your project will last a few weeks or a few years, you need a durable, powerful power system to get you through each day. With many options for construction site temporary power at your disposal, you might not know where to begin — and that’s where Thompson Power Systems comes in.

Our team of experts can help you find an effective power solution to ensure you sustain your operations, even during critical events or in remote locations. Whether you’re interested in investing in a new generator for the long haul, want to save money with a quality used generator, or would prefer to rent a generator in the meantime, Thompson Power Systems has what you need.

Explore our power systems today, or reach out to us with questions.

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