Data Centers

Data delivered when & where you need it.

Running a data center means you have a commitment to your clients. They trust you to protect the information businesses rely on, safeguard online transactions, and store critical content for easy access.

You need to maintain networks and systems so your clients can seamlessly manage the data that keeps the modern world moving. For a world that doesn’t stop, you need to maintain uptime that doesn’t either.

Discover the capabilities of Cat® generators for data centers. Applications such as continuous, standby, and temporary power, combined with Cat automatic transfer switches (ATS) and switchgear are tailored to your needs by the Thompson Power Systems team — your experts in customization. We offer generators that provide some of the highest efficiency levels in the industry and meet current European Union (EU) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards.

Our team is making service and support accessible to you. Your customers rely on you — give them the most reliable power.

Meeting Data Demands With Dependable Information Center Generators

To maintain the critically high uptime that clients demand, data centers need backup power from a reliable source. Cat generators for data centers provide backup power in an instant, ready to support the flow of data.

When it comes to electric power generation, we offer a wide range of power systems for data centers:

  • Diesel generator sets: Data center diesel generators provide essential backup power anywhere from 6 to 14,040 ekW. They offer high efficiency and low fuel consumption alongside global emissions compliance.
  • Gas generator sets: Gas generator sets offer power and versatility, running on natural gas, biogas, propane coal gas, and alternative fuels. They’re easy to use and provide trusted reliability when you need it most.
  • Mobile generator sets: For smaller power needs, consider a mobile generator, which is easy to tow and move. We have natural gas and diesel mobile generators for data centers to use wherever necessary.
  • Microgrids: For affordable, renewable energy generation solutions, our microgrids and control systems can help you harness the power of the sun for your data center.

In addition to power systems for data centers, we also carry various control panels and systems, such as switchgear and paralleling controlsATS/ATC breaker/contactors, and ATS MX contactors.

While we offer a wide selection of new equipment for sale, we have a range of used equipment available as well. Purchasing used equipment is a great way to save money, and equipment from Caterpillar® allows you to receive high-performing used power systems built for longevity. Their durable builds and long-lasting power make Cat generators particularly popular on the used market — people know that these solutions last and trust them for continued use, even after another owner is involved.

Why Use Cat Equipment for Data Center Power Systems?

Data centers power some of the most critical information available in modern society, and in many cases, need to maintain uptime close to 100%. Power outages and issues in one location shouldn’t impact information access to everyone who depends on the data center.

When reliability is at the forefront of your success, Cat generators provide necessary dependability. Cat equipment is known and trusted around the world for reliability, and that trustworthiness extends into power systems.

Partnering With Thompson Power Systems

With Thompson Power Systems, you get local support with all the resources of Caterpillar. We’ve been serving locations in Alabama and northwest Florida for 60 years and offer expert service with a large inventory of equipment.

Take advantage of Cat equipment’s unmatched reliability and the range of services offered by the knowledgeable staff at Thompson Power Systems. We provide new and used equipment, rentals, repairs, maintenance, parts, and flexible financing to help data centers maintain the necessary uptime required for successful operation. We’re proud to be your data center’s one-stop-shop for power systems.

To learn more about working with the experts at Thompson Power Systems, reach out to us online or give us a call at 205-782-0952.