Unexpected fuel for everyday power.

Cat® generators for landfills are designed to collect, clean, and run ontheharmful gases produced by landfills.Instead of burning off these gases, you can convert them to energy and even earn extra revenue. These gases provide reliable power that can also reduce your environmental impact.

The Thompson Power Systems team is dedicated to helping you generate power and keep itrunning for sustainable and successful business operations.We offer a wide range of products and services to get you there.


Cat Generator Sets: How Renewable Landfill Energy Works

Most modern landfills have to meet requirements for installing gas collection systems that capture and destroy the methane gases landfills naturally produce. These gases are typically burned in a flare. Instead of burning off landfill gas to eliminate it, we can help you convert it to a renewable fuel source with gas-fueled engine generators that create electricity from landfill gas.

Using this method, you can satisfy local requirements for gas elimination while creating a renewable energy fuel source. You can then sell this electricity to local utility providers, often at a premium price.

Many landfills take advantage of the renewable energy and carbon reduction credits that can come with this approach. Even the waste heat created during the process can be beneficial, as you can send it to adjacent businesses. Check out the video below to learn more about how these options work.

For the longest-lasting equipment, it’s important that your generators for your gas collection system can address the specific requirements of working with landfill gases. We have generators for landfills built to handle the industry’s unique demands, such as high levels of contaminants in the incoming methane gas. Our team can help you create a comprehensive setup for this goal. We also provide hard-working switchgear and paralleling control systems to help you align your generators with the grid.

Landfill Emergency Generators

In addition to sending excess electricity off to the grid, landfill generator sets can also power your facilities. We carry a range of landfill emergency generators, including diesel fuelmobile generation, and gas-powered generators, to keep things moving when you can’t access the grid or use certain energy sources.

If you don’t have an on-site generator for a gas collection system, you might not have a way to support operations during power outages or interruptions. Keep things moving with a landfill emergency generator from Caterpillar®.

The Cat Advantage

Cat machinery is built for power and longevity. Generators for landfills from Caterpillar have the construction necessary for this heavy-duty work, giving you peace of mind that your system can handle whatever the landfill throws at it. The Cat name always means dependability and durability, so you can expect long-lasting performance and equipment that keeps moving even when the grid stops.

Generators for gas collection systems and landfill backup generators from Caterpillar provide trustworthy performance and power.

How Thompson Power Systems Can Help

Thompson Power Systems is proud to be your one-stop shop for power generation. We can provide high-performing Cat generators for landfills and the support and knowledge to help you with the purchase and long after the sale. Throughout Alabama and northern Florida, we offer new and used equipment sales, as well as power system rentalsservice, and parts acquisition.

When you work with us, you get all these services conducted by local experts who know you and your business. Thompson Power Systems has expert staff and factory-trained technicians to help you accomplish your unique power generation goals.

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