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The nuclear industry demands the highest levels of commitment and quality standards from its suppliers and machinery. There are few industries where safety is more important in the design, operation and maintenance of the constituent machinery and components. With exacting standards and specifications for standby and emergency power, Cat®generators meet this challenge.

With the most extensive product range in the industry and comprehensive nuclear knowledge, the Thompson Power Systems team is equipped to provide precise solutions when:

  • Replacing aging generators
  • Maintaining an existing system
  • Designing and installing an entirely new fleet

Across the broad spectrum of nuclear power applications:

  • Emergency diesel generators (EDGs) – An immediate back-up power source to any reactor
  • Station Black Out units (SBOs) – Responding to complete power loss
  • Mobile power containers on trailers – Offsite and crisis response units acting as the ultimate source of power

Our Selection of Cat® Generators for Nuclear Facilities

Thompson Power Systems offers generators that cover the broad spectrum of nuclear power applications:

  • Emergency diesel generators (EDGs): An off-site power loss can have devastating consequences for a nuclear facility. Cat EDGs mitigate the risk by providing a reliable, tailored power generation solution. Besides power plants, these units have repeatedly demonstrated their value in cargo ships, ferries, and cruise liners. They include robust engines featuring advanced mechanical injection systems and electronic governors that help prevent qualification issues. Choose from several models in various speed and electrical output options.
  • Station black-out units (SBOs): These nuclear plant generators protect against the critical condition of the loss of an internal or external power source that could lead to significant reactor core damage. The Cat C175 and 3500 Series can provide an easy-to-install modular power generation solution that reduces the risk and meets Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines.
  • Mobile power containers on trailers: These nuclear facility diesel generators give you a portable power option wherever you need it. While these generators are non-classified, they adhere to the high standards for quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from any Cat product. They feature sound-attenuated enclosures and come in container sizes up to 40 inches. Available power outputs range from 20 to 2,000 kW.

Nuclear Power Systems Featuring a Modular Design

Thompson Power Systems can work with you to develop and implement a modular-designed power system at your nuclear plant in Alabama or Northwest Florida. This method ensures consistent quality and precision and simplifies the installation. It also saves time and minimizes exposure to the construction environment. These modular units undergo a comprehensive factory inspection and certification process before shipping, giving you extra peace of mind.

Why Partner With Thompson Power Systems?

Thompson Power Systems is a division of Thompson Tractor, a full-service heavy equipment provider that’s been in business since 1957. As the only authorized Cat dealer in Alabama and Northwest Florida, we’re the region’s exclusive source for Cat generators and related equipment such as switchgear, automatic transfer switches, and more.

When you choose us, you get unrivaled design capabilities for building an emergency power system for a nuclear plant. We’ll provide a fully integrated solution that meets your current and future power generation requirements. We’ll also be there to provide timely maintenance and repair service, ensuring your system’s long-term reliability and safety.

Learn More About Generators for Nuclear Facilities

Don’t take chances with something as important as the backup power generation systems at your nuclear plant. Contact the experts at Thompson Power Systems to learn more about our generator options for the nuclear industry. Give us a call at 205-782-0952 or request a consultation online today.

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Give us a call at 205-782-0952 or request a consultation online today.