Whether you’re operating without a centralized power plant or are looking for reliable backup power, Cat® power systems will provide what you need. Caterpillar manufactures multiple utility grid generators, plus the equipment and accessories needed to build a custom configuration.

If you operate in the utilities industry, Thompson Power Systems is your partner for new and used generators — plus parts, service, rentals and more. Our team has what it takes to help you create a solution that delivers all the performance you need to ensure a steady power supply.

A Wide Selection of Generators for Utility Grids

Cat utility grid generators offer a wide range of advantages. They provide an incredible assortment of power capabilities, and they are simple to specify. They have various models to choose from and numerous layout options to accommodate the most challenging spaces.

These diesel and natural gas generators also offer excellent fuel economy. These diesel and gas options also produce low emissions and comply with the global standard, increasing workplace safety and reducing environmental impact.

Utility Grid Diesel Generators

Factory-designed Cat diesel sets for the utilities industry produce between 12 and 17,460 kW and 15 to 21,825 kVA. You can install these systems as steady power sources or emergency power systems for utility grids. You can depend on them during failures, surges, spikes, sags, planned power outages and other events.

Utility Grid Gas Generators

Cat gas generator sets are efficient systems that deliver 66 to 6,520 kW and 11 to 8,150 kVA. These generators are especially advantageous in areas with affordable natural gas. You can also use them continuously. These machines easily handle increases in demand, eliminating the costs involved with reserving blocks of power during peak hours.

Power System Accessories

We also carry all the different equipment types and accessories necessary to achieve your performance goals. These items include parallel switchgear, automatic transfer switches and uninterruptible power supplies. Our expert representatives will help you determine the best combination of products to meet all your unique system requirements.

Your Complete Solutions Provider

We make it easy to find solutions you can depend on to get the job done. Our locations are home to a wide variety of new and used Cat generators, with options to meet your needs and allowable budget. For short-term applications or on-call emergency power systems for utility grids, we also provide rentals, including delivery and setup.

You can also depend on us for the parts and services necessary to get optimal performance and ensure maximum system uptime. We have a large in-stock inventory of genuine parts and offer overnight pickup, allowing us to fulfill most orders within 24 hours. We also provide on-location repair and maintenance services, including 24/7 on-call assistance.

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Power in the Jungle

Isolated from the national grid, 470,000 Brazilian residents were suffering frequent brownouts and power rationing. Critical action was needed to provide a reliable source of power for schools, hospitals, homes and businesses. Oliveira Energia and local Cat dealer, Sotreq, found a way. Together, they completed a new power plant on time and on budget, and Cat equipment provides 107MW of power with 90+ percent availability.

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