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Ranging in size from 20 to 2000 kilowatts, our CAT rental generators and gen sets can easily be paralleled to accommodate multi-megawatt loads. They are trailer mounted and equipped with integral fuel tanks, allowing for fast delivery in emergency situations. With sound attenuation, multiple-voltage capability and isochronous governors - 50 or 60 cycle - they meet the stringent requirements for entertainment events and sports venues.

We also offer CAT’s fully modularized portable temperature control systems - available in sizes ranging from 1 ton to 500 tons. From air handlers, air conditioners, and electric heaters to circulation pumps, chillers, and refrigerated dryers, we have temperature control systems to meet any need you may have. Our air conditioners range from 1 ton to 80 tons, our chillers range from 50 tons to 500 tons, our heaters range from 18 kW to 150 kW, and our dehumidification equipment ranges from 1000 cfm to 4500 cfm.

With Thompson Power System’s worldwide network of equipment along with our team of dedicated technicians and trained representatives, you can rest assured knowing that, with Thompson, your productivity is ensured in almost any circumstance or application. Whether it’s supplying reliable temporary power or mobile temperature control, we at Thompson are the premier source for all your temporary requirements. 

When Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Oct. 10, Hurricane Michael was the fourth-strongest hurricane on record to hit the contiguous United States, attaining peak winds of 155 mph. Learn how customers rely on Thompson Power Systems generators to provide spot generation in the wake of disaster. 


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