At Thompson Power Systems, we transform your generator to perform like new with our complete refurbishment solutions. From upgrading electrical components to installing a new cooling package and trailer, our expert team ensures your equipment is reliable and efficient. Trust us to extend the life and maximize the performance of your generator.

Introducing the XQ400 Refurb Program from Thompson Power Systems! We are proud to offer a comprehensive refurbishment service that brings your generator back to peak performance. Our refurbishments include brand new electrical components, controllers, harnesses, breakers, and more. We also perform an OEM gen barrel recertification and add a fresh coat of paint, sound attenuation, and a new battery charger. With a platinum engine build, a robust cooling package, and upgraded enclosure hardware, your generator will run smoothly and efficiently. Plus, our refurbishments come with a new trailer for easy transportation.

New Components:

  • Electrical Components
  • Controller
  • All Harnesses
  • Breakers
  • OEM Gen Barrel Recertification
  • Paint
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Battery Charger
  • Platinum Engine Build
  • Cooling Package
  • Enclosure Hardware
  • New Trailer

If you have an urgent need, please call (205) 849-4361 for immediate assistance

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